Welcome to Stormpoint! What exactly is this place? Stormpoint is the collective project and pasttime of a group of recreational fantasy writers. It functions through interactive writing between the authors and occassionally employs what has come to be termed "free form role playing" as a tool for story development. Although originating on America Online's Red Dragon Inn message board, our group has now expanded onto the Internet, allowing access to a greater number of writers, and currently uses Yahoo as a message board for posting story installments.

If you've not yet had an opportunity to do so, feel free to read one of our stories or take a tour through our "virtual" city. Within its cobblestone streets and myriad locales, you'll have a chance to meet many of Stormpoint's inhabitants and perhaps have an adventure or two. Please note, however, that there are many "hidden" locations in the city which can be found only by following the suggested text links at the bottom of each page. Choosing locations from the "block" of links, while providing you a fair overview of the city, will deprive you of an opportunity to discover out of the way venues.

If, at the end of your tour, you find yourself intrigued by our growing community, please consider joining us as we weave together the future of Stormpoint and its curious citizens. An application form may be found by selecting the "Apply for Membership" link in the right column of this and all other out-of-character pages.

Thanks for visiting. Good fortune and good writing,

The writers of Stormpoint

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