Docked Again

Docked Again

The day had dawned pleasant, a break in the heat that seemed to have quilted itself over the oceans the week before. The heat wave had turned into storm clouds of warm rain and fog, and eventually drifted into the sunny afternoon that had the *Starstruck Siren* sliding into port once more.

It seemed that no matter where the tides took her, She would always be back to harbor in Stormpoint. This did not affect the Captain in the least.

"Pleasure Cap'ain. We'll be unloadin' now if'n that's nay a problem."

She nodded her head in response, waving a calloused, albeit slender hand over her shoulder. "The crew's ready at your instructions Raphael, and thanks for the extra hands."

"Aye Cap'ain. Les't I could do for the safe arrival."

The men waiting on the docks scurried up the gangplank to board the ship and lend their hands, arms and bodies to unloading the crates in the cargohold below deck. The Lady Captain stood by, quietly discussing business with Raphael while keeping an eye on the workers. An hour's time later, as the last crate was heading off towards Finnagin's Cargo Warehouse, a trunk escorted by four men was making its way onto the decks of the ship.

"Payment on arrival - pleasure doin' business Cap'ain. I will see ye again."

"Aye, safe tides Raphael." The Captain clapped him on the shoulder as she greeted his hand with a shake of her own.

The four men from Finnagin's were instructed where to go, each given two gold in return as they departed. Silver reached her arms over her head with a lopsided smile, stretching out the knots that buried themselves into her muscles. It was good to be back.

The rhythmic gait resounded once more as the lazy stroll of the Captain carried her down into the docks. Her crew slipped past with words of jest and greeting to their beloved Lady as they headed towards the taverns before they had to go on watch.

Few ships carried recognizable flags, and upon passing the 'Nightengale's Song', Captain Silver called up a cheery hello to the other Captain. When greetings were done being exchanged, Silver paused to glance down the roads of the Port. Where to go, and who to see...Had much changed?


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